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We are Chamunda Engineering Enterprise Pvt. Ltd, provide the serviceing and production of Roll Forming Products and All Kind of Water-JET cutiing service.

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Permanently colour coated galvanized profile sheets in varied thickness, for application in building roofs and wall cladding (building facade) of power plants, warehouses, airports, industrial sheds etc. The system is provided with a complete fixing arrangement and accessories. The profile is designed so as to offer a water tight jointing and overlapping system. The product is available in a normal profile pattern as well as in an architectural designs of tile semi-circular arch from suitable for parking and semi-circular crimped sections for parabolic roofs like railway platforms. The sheets conforms to IS 513, IS 277, IS 14246 & AS 1397. Site fabricated sandwich wall cladding comprising of two Indiandeck sheets or Indiandeck /Indiandeck Kliplock / Indiandeck Standing Seam sheets with Rockwool insulation sandwich in between-used for cladding of power plant buildings. Indiandeck Kliplock & Indiandeck Standing Seam profiles can be site profiled to any length.

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Water-JET Applications.

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  • Titanium bodies for military aircraft
  • Engine components (aluminum, titanium, heat-resistant alloys)
  • Aluminum body parts
  • Interior cabin panels
  • Custom control panels and structural components for special purpose aircraft such as crop-dusters and float planes
  • Rough trimming of turbine blades on jet engines
  • Aluminum skin, struts, seats, shim stock, brake components, titanium & exotic metals used in manufacturing landing gear

Architectural/ Art Work
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  • To cut floor medallions, tabletop inlay, Wall inlay, metal inlay, out door stone, Border Tiles, Artistic & Architectural designs, murals, Stone furniture, Kitchens countertops etc in ceramic and stone segment.
  • Metal art work such as out door, Theme park , Special lighting, Museum art work etc,
  • For profile cutting of Stained glass such as Crafts, Church Mosaics, and Lamp Shades etc.
  • Components for architectural trim and window systems
  • Signage letters in marble, glass, steel, aluminum, brass, plastics. etc.
  • Whether it's a large sign for a restaurant, decorative tiles, or intricate design work, the WATERJET can create it in a wide variety of materials.
  • Waterjet machine can use by artist or those institute who teach art work

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  • To cut Special shaped window panels for cabinets and doors
  • To cut Lens blanks from glass and quartz
  • To cut Glass components used in the electronic and medical industry
  • To cut Optical laser parts for various high tech industries
  • To cut Custom glass panels for the space shuttle
  • To cut Replacement glass for antique autos
  • To cut Art deco mirror designs
  • To cut flat glass with numerous contours, Stained glass, Bullet proof glass, Optical glass

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  • Gaskets of Asbestos, Rubber, Teflon, Copper, Titanium, etc for end users & O.E.M industries like automotive, marine, Engineering, Aerospace and many more
  • Customized Gaskets industry, Marine Industry, Job Shop etc.